Can multiple jobs run at the same time?

Yes, multiple jobs can run at the same time.

Why my job failed?

Make sure you clicked the job to see the error message within the job.

Why my quota is exceeded?

You're probably on a plan with limited number of processed products and jobs. Please check the plans and switch to a plan that meets your needs.

I changed my plan and my quota is still exceeded. Why?

This is probably an old error from before switching to the new plan. Please re-run the job and it should work fine.

I don't have scheduled tasks. Why?

This is probably because you're on a plan that doesn't have this feature. Please check our plans options and choose the one that meets your needs.

What does "Processed products" mean?

Product is counted as a processed product when it matches rule's conditions and writhing to the rule metafield was committed. Separate rules are counted separately.

Can multiple jobs run at the same time?

Yes, multiple jobs run at the same time.

My metafield is not accessible on the product page. Why?

If you have 20 pinned metafields, the new metafields are created as unpinned definitions. To see them click on "Show all":

and then scroll to the unpinned section:

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