The app is based on jobs. Every job can copy one or more tags to one or more metafields.

Depending on your plan you might be limited to having a specific number of jobs.

In general your jobs list might look like this:

or this:

Jobs information

For every job, you have the following information and actions:

  • General status: activated or deactivated

  • Job status: done, running, failed, scheduled, pending

  • Activate trigger (will run the job imidiately)

  • Edit button

  • Delete button

Job status

The status states are: done, running, failed, scheduled, pending.

  • done: means that the job was actived and it is completed

  • running: means that the job is currently running

  • failed: means that the job didn't finish sucessfully

  • scheduled: means that the job is scheduled and it will be triggered in the future

  • pending: means that is a new job that is scheduled and didn't run yet

Multiple jobs can run at the same time.

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