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Image with products gallery

The main settings in the section are the ones listed here. The additional settings are listed below.
The other section settings are listed below.
  • Flip image and text positions -- This checkbox flips the position of the big image and the slider.


  • Aspect ratio for mobile -- Set the mobile image aspect ratio. For desktop the size of the image is coming from the height of the section (incl. the heading, subheading, slider, etc.)
  • Image - Desktop -- Set the image used for desktop. Usually, for best fit, use a vertical image. You can set its focal point if needed
  • Image - Mobile -- Set a separate mobile image. If the mobile image is missing, then the one from desktop will be shown on mobile devices

Text content


You have full control over the heading, subheading and button using the settings from the screenshot above.


The products in the slider come from the Collection field.
You can prepare a specific collection and assign the needed products in it or you can simply use an already prepared collection.
From the Products limit to show field, you can limit the number of visible products.


The slideshow can autoplay by checking the Autoplay checkbox. You can specify the interval between the slides from the Slideshow Interval setting.