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With this section, you can easily showcase different products on top of a single image and provide your customers with direct links to these products straight from the main image.
The main settings in the section are the ones listed here. The additional settings are listed below.
Apart from the standard color overwrite settings, you can also set up the color of the pin (the dot which is positioned on top of the image). This can be done from the Color pin setting.
  • Flip image and text positions -- if checked, the image will be on the right side of the section. Otherwise, it stays on the left.
  • Image -- set the main image on top of which the dots will be positioned
  • Horizontal content alignment -- from here you can control the horizontal text alignment - Left, Center or Right
  • Content large gap -- checking this checkbox adds extra spacing between the image and the content next to it
  • Heading -- here goes the heading of the content
  • Body text -- here goes the main body text


Every product positioned on top of the image is managed as a separate block.
You can manage its background and text color from Text and Background color pickers.
In the Product field, you will need to choose which product to be shown.
In the Hotspot settings, you can manage the position of the pin on top of the main image. The position is managed in percentage based on the position of the main image. So setting the positions to 50% horizontal and 50% vertical, will make the pin show up in the middle of the image.