Size guide

Regular size guide:

Size guide calculator:

Depending on your needs, you can have separate size guides - regular table or calculator.

Regular size guide

The regular size guide is managed from the Variant selector block on the product page

From here, you can enable the size guide button which will show next to the Size options.

The content of the size guide is managed from a separate page. The whole content of the page is visualized in the size guide popup, so you can place anything you need there - tables, images, etc.

Size guide calculator

The size guide calculator is enabled from the same Variant selector block.

You need to check the Enable size guide calculator checkbox.

Calculator options

On the product page you can add the Size guide calculator section.

From there, you can set up the content of the popup:

Every row in the calculator is set up as a separate block of this section.

You need to populate the row title and its values.

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