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Variants and Swatches

The variants and swatches are managed from Theme settings > Variants and Swatches.

Swatches option name

In this field, you can specify which option should show as swatches. Usually, this is Color but you can specify any other option as needed.

Hex Codes

In this field, you need to specify which variant title what color is representing.
The variant title should be the same as listed in the field. For example, if you have a color variant called Dark blue, then you should use the same name here.
The structure for the swatches is as follows:
Example: Blue|#446acc
If you need to use an image for the swatch, you can do so by uploading the image in the files of the store - Settings > Files. Then instead of the HEX code of the color place the file name.
Example: Silver|c-swatch.png

Size option name

In this field you can specify next to which variant title should the Size guide link show.