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Cookie banner

Cookie banner
The cookie banner shows only if it's enabled in the Customize area.
Once the cookies are accepted, the bar will hide and won't show again. If it's closed by the Close button, it will show the next time a page is loaded again.
The banner has the following options:
  • Enable Cookie banner - if this checkbox is checked, the cookie bar will show on the website
  • Show in customizer - used to show the popup within the customize area so you can update the content while you see it
  • Text and Background color selectors - used for customizing the visual style of the banner
  • Position - the banner can be positioned at the bottom of the page taking the full width of the page, positioned on the left or on the right of the page
  • Text and button options - from here you can change the content of the text and the buttons. There's also an option to choose the style of the button and its hover effect.