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Within this section we explain how you can manage your cart page and cart drawer main settings.

Cart type

Here you can pick if you want the cart to be shown as a cart drawer or as a separate page. If you pick Drawer when a product is added to the cart, the page won't refresh. If it's set to Page once a product is added to the cart, the user will be redirected to the cart page.


If you need to have custom colors for the mini-cart or the cart page, you can overwrite the default ones from here. If the checkbox Overwrite colors is checked, then the Text and Background color options will take action.

Shipping bar

Use the Enable checkbox to enable the shipping bar.
The Threshold field should contain the amount above which the shipping becomes free.
The Progress text is the text which will show when the threshold amount in the cart is still not reached. Use [amount] to print the remaining amount needed for free shipping.
The Success text field is showing when the threshold amount is reached.
The text from the field Empty text is used when there's nothing in the cart or mini-cart.

Additional checkout buttons

Turn on/off the additional checkout buttons.

Buttons style

The selectbox is used to determine the style of the buttons on the mini-cart and the cart page.

Mini-cart Upsell products

The section uses the Shopify's recommendations API to determine the most appropriate products based on the products in the customer's cart.
The upsell section can be enabled/disabled and the title above it can be changes from the Heading field.

Empty cart

The empty cart link shows when there's nothing in the cart or mini-cart.