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Product card

The settings in Theme settings > Product card are applicable to the product cards seen throughout the whole website (collection, product, page, homepage, etc.).
From here, you can change the aspect ratio of the images for desktop and mobile:
If Original is chosen, then the images won't get cropped and every product card will have its own size, depending on the size of the uploaded image.

Swap image on hover

Another option which can be controlled from here is whether to show the second product image on hover, or just have a slight zoom effect.
If the product doesn't have a second image, then the zoom effect will apply automatically.

Enable quickview

This enables the Quick view button which shows on hover on the product card.

Show badges

The setting Show badges enables/disables the badges in the top right corner of the product card.

Button styles

The Button style setting refers to the style of the quick view button, which shows on hover.
You can choose from the predefined button styles.