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Collection page

This is the main template/page where your products are listed. You can see your collections by going to your Shopify admin area and then click Products -> Collections. Once you pick a collection (or if you create a new one) you'll be able to choose which products to be included, add featured image, description, etc.
The collection template of Amber consists of 2 main sections:
  • Image with text overlay
  • Collection
You can add more sections to this page by using the Add section button here:

Image with text overlay

When this section is used on the collection page and if the Heading field is empty, it will use the collection title instead.
The same goes for the Body text and the Image - Desktop fields.


This is the main section that prints products in your site. The products are automatically loaded from your collection.
Below are listed the Collection section settings:
  • Enable full-width -- if checked, the page will be full width.
  • Enable Filters -- if checked, the filters menu will be shown. The filters are mainly managed through a Shopify app called Shopify Search & Discovery. It can be installed from here: More details on how the filters are managed can be found here:
  • Filters layout -- The filters can be positioned either Horizontally or vertically. When horizontal, they will be positioned above the products list. When vertical, they will be positioned on the left side of the products grid.
  • Enable Sorting -- This will enable/disable the sorting dropdown on the right side of the filters.
  • Products per row -- Set the number of items per row on desktop
  • Products per row - Mobile -- Set the number of items per row on mobile
  • Enable infinite scroll -- The infinite scroll will load all products on scroll. The pagination won't be visible.