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With Amber you have a full control over the colors of the website.


You can customize the global color settings from Theme settings > Colors
For better and easier management, we suggest using the Brand colors, coming from the Settings of the Shopify store.
Apart from that, every section provides the option to overwrite these default colors and achieve a unique style.


You can change the background and color of the badges which show on the product cards. There are 2 types of badges - the default ones (like Sale which shows automatically if a product is on sale) and custom badges (which use prefixed tags).
The styling of both types can be managed separately.


The buttons have 4 predefined styles and every one of these styles can be managed separately:

Form elements

You can control the color of the form elements like labels, input borders, error color, placeholders, etc.
The styling of the checkout button which shows in the Mini-cart is also managed from the Colors menu.