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Shop the Look recommendations

The main idea of this section is to make it easy for the customers to purchase the whole look and have easy access to the products represent the look.


The section is accessible on the product page and requires installing the Shopify's Search & Discovery app. The related products use the Complementary products feature of the app.
You can manually select which products will be shown.
The main settings in the section are the ones listed here. The additional settings are listed below.

Layout settings

  • Flip image and text positions - checking this checkbox changes the position of the main image and the connected products
  • Products limit to show - a slider by which you can set how many products to be shown


You have the option to toggle the slider autoplay by checking the Autoplay checkbox. This will be active if there are more products to be shown.
The autoplay interval can be changed from the Slideshow Interval setting. This is the number of seconds between the slider slide.


  • Alt text - You can set a specific image to be shown on the side of the products. This image will be part of the main product gallery and will be specified by the alt text from this field.
  • Aspect ratio for mobile - This sets the ratio of the image on mobile. On desktop, the image takes the whole height of the section and is dynamic.

Text content

  • Heading - Used for the heading of the section
  • Subheading - Use for the text below the heading