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This section is usually used for highlighting special content, collections or products. It can be also used for promotions or any brand related info.
The main settings in the section are the ones listed here with some additional ones listed below.


Here you can pick the section height. The options are:
  • Extra large
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Compact
  • Small
  • Based on image height
For these we have set different ratios that can be used to achieve best results.
The only difference is the option Based on image height . If you pick this option - the height of the section will be based on the image height. The taller the image is - the taller the section will be.

Image vertical position

In case the image gets cropped you can use the Focal points feature to position the image as you like it.


There are separate options for picking a desktop and mobile image. If only desktop image is picked - this image will be also shown on mobile. For mobile we suggest using more portrait oriented images.

Image overlay

In case you have white text over white background and the content is not very readable - you can easily add an overlay by adjusting its opacity and picking the overlay color.

Text content

The available options are:
  • show content background (will add a background around the content to make it more noticeable)
  • horizontal and vertical position (will move the content for example in the top left corner, bottom right corner, or in the center, etc. depending on what you choose)
The content within the section is added through blocks where every block represents different item like: heading, subheading, body text and buttons.
With the blocks you can rearrange the content in a way that it best suits your needs.

Heading accent elements

In case you want to use highlight a text element in the headings you can use the Bold and Italic properties:
. You can mark a word or a phrase and click one of these.