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The purpose of this section is to provide you with the ability to show your brand videos on any pages like homepage, lookbooks, about, products, etc.
The section provides settings for style, spacing and mobile spacing (more info here). Below are some details about the rest of the settings.


The options here are to enable or disable this. If it's disabled, the video will be shown within the site container (and won't extend to the sides of the screen).

Video picker

You can use a video from 2 different places:
  • external video (from YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Shopify hosted video through the Video field

Autoplay muted video

If this is turned on, the video will play within the page automatically and will be muted. If it's disabled, the video will be shown in a popup like container once the user clicks the play icon.
Note: please be aware that adding one or more autoplaying videos might impact your page speed results.

Disable video autoplay on mobile

In case the autoplay is enabled we recommend turning this off on mobile and this is why there is such additional setting. Having autoplaying videos on mobile might harm your users cellphone plans.

Cover images

These are used when the autoplay is turned off. The images will be shown (on desktop/mobile) before the video is played.