Common settings

Most of the content sections use some common settings. They're listed below with some additional information.


With this selectbox you can choose from 3 different styles. More details here.

Outer spacing

This setting is for the spacing between the sections.

The available options are: none, default and large. Examples can be seen below.




Inner spacing

This setting is for the spacing between the edge of the section and its content. In other words - the spacing within the sections.

The available options are:

  • none

  • small

  • medium

  • large

Here is a short video showing this setting in action:

Section color

Most of the sections support background color and background gradient settings:

In order to activate one of these the checkbox "Overwrite style color" will have to be checked. Otherwise, the section will continue using the background coming from the "Style" setting.

Color and Gradient can be used in conjunction with the "Style" setting for the text colors.

Here is a short vide showing how the settings work.


The buttons prepared for most of the blocks and sections are 2. You can use both of them or non of them. They're not mandatory.

The settings prepared for the buttons are:


The options are:


There are three options: small, medium and large.

Text and URL

Here you can define the text shown in the button + the URL that the button should link to.

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