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Featured collections

The main settings in the section are the ones listed here. The additional settings are listed below.

Text content

The settings are the usual ones for subheading, heading and body text. The additional one is the text alignment where you can pick: left, center or right.
Using the Bold and Italic properties in the heading will let you add more styles to the heading element.


  • Media type: portrait and landscape
  • Card content layout: below media, media overlayed (showing the content over the images)
  • Enable background


This value tells the browser how many items you want to see per screen.

Collections management

More collection cards can be added through the blocks here:


Here you pick the collection you want to show within the slider.

Collection/Card settings

The settings for image, heading and link are not mandatory. By default, these will be automatically loaded from the collection details.
However, using these settings you can overwrite the image, heading and link if needed.