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With our new preset called Morning we presented this section which gives you the ability to separate your sections with more custom separators and to give a little more crafted look of your store.
With these separators you can add more air/spacing between your sections and still make the spacing look balanced.
The available settings are:
Background style
This will inherit the background color from the style in case the overlaying is disabled. It's useful when you want to keep the spacing between the sections and match the sections background.
Shape The available options are: Angular lines, Triangles, Arrows, Waves, Custom.
Shape color This is only applicable for shapes different from Custom. This field will make your lines/triablgles/arrows/waves with the color you pick.
Overlay sections Here you can pick if you want the separator to overlay the previous and the next section or NOT. For example, if you choose "Previous and next sections" - the separator will step in a bit into the previous and next sections. If you pick "None" it will stay as a separate section between them.
Example with overlaying:
Example with overlay: none

Custom separator

To use this you need to pick the Shape to be "Custom".
This will allow you to add your custom separators. Note: we recommend uploading transparent PNG files with elements that are easy to repeat with good pattern.
The height fields manage how tall the repeater element should be and it will also impact the times it's repeated on the page. The bigger height you set - the less times it will be repeated.
Example of usage the custom separator: