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Featured collection

The main purpose of this section is to showcase a specific collection by showing it in with a different layout with more appealing look.
The main settings in the section are the ones listed here. The additional settings are listed below.

Layout desktop

Here you can pick if you want to show the slider on the left side or on the right side of the screen.

Layout mobile

You have the ability to show the main image above the products or below them.

Image settings

There are separate options for picking a desktop and mobile image. If only desktop image is picked - this image will be also shown on mobile. For mobile we suggest using more portrait oriented images.
In case the image gets cropped you can use the Focal points feature to position the image as you like it.

Textual content

These are standard settings where you can fill in the textual content for the section like:
  • heading
  • subheading
  • body text
  • button (only one button is supported here)


To show products you need to pick a collection from which the products should be loaded.
The other available settings are:
  • products count (how many products to show from the collection)
  • autoplay (on/off)
  • autoplay interval