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Countdown offer section

The countdown offer section is perfect to promote new or discounted products by adding urgency with the countdown timer.
The section settings are as follows:
  • style (more details here)
  • outer spacing (more details here)
  • image (used for desktop)
  • image - mobile
  • layout (vertical alignment of the content: top, center, bottom)
  • show content background (to enable/disable the background around the content in order to make it more readable)
  • content fields for: heading, subheading
  • expiration date -- the format is "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM". The time/date should be set based on your store timezon set in Settings -> Store Details -> Time zone and units of measurement.
  • link (CTA) details
  • resources -- products/collection that can be shown within the section


You can use the section without adding any resources. It might be used with just an image and the counter.