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Creating custom pages

The default Shopify pages support mainly richtext elements like: headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, etc.
This is usually not enough to create more appealing pages. Therefore, you can create new pages by creating templates and adding the sections you want to insert in order to present the content in the way you want.
To do so you need to follow the steps below.


Go to the customize panel by navigating to: Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes. Click customize on your theme and you'll be redirected to the customize panel.


Within the customize panel navigate to the pages:
and pick Create Template .


Name your template (for example About us, Lookbook, etc) and pick on which template to be based. It can be based on the default template but you can also base it on other templates you already created.


Once the template is created it will be shown based on some of your pages (marked in green). This means that if this page has information in it, the information will be shown on the page. In order to hide this information just hit the eye icon next to the Main Page section:


You're now ready to add whatever sections you need for this page by clicking Add Section and choosing your sections from the dropdown (more info about the sections here).
For example, you can add a banner section at the top and a couple of content sections below:


Once the above is done, you need to assign the template to a page.
To do so, go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages and create a new page. Once you're on the Add page screen click Theme Template and pick the new template you prepared in the previous steps.
NOTE: the templates shown here are only templates created in the published theme. So if your template is missing - you might need to publish your theme OR create a template with the same name in the published theme.