Within this section we explain how you can manage your cart page and cart drawer main settings.

Cart type

Here you can pick if you want the cart to be shown as a cart drawer or as a separate page. If you pick Drawer when a product is added to the cart the page won't refresh. If it's set to Page once a product is added to the cart the user will be redirected to the cart page.


Here you can define the style you want to use for both the drawer and the cart page. For more details on the styles see here.

Shipping bar

The settings listed below are for this section in the cart and the cart drawer:

Enable - through this checkbox you can enable or disable the functionality.

Threshold - here you have to pick the amount needed for your shipping offer.

Progress text - the text shown when the threshold is not reached. Use [amount] to dynamically show the remaining amount.

Success text - this is the text that will be shown once the threshold is reached by the user.

Empty text - here you can define the shipping offer like "Spend $200 USD and get free shipping!".

Upsell products

The options here are:

Enable - to enable/disable this feature.

Title, when cart has items - used there are products in the cart.

Title, when cart is empty - used when there are no products in the cart.

Products, when cart has items - option where you can manually pick which products to be shown in the cart. NOTE: if the recommendations API is enabled it will automatically overwrite the products.

Products, when cart is empty - option to choose the products that are shown when the cart is empty.

Use recommendations API - products are displayed based on the Shopify Recommendations API and Search & Discovery app. Read more here.

Cart page additional settings

Show additional checkout buttons - turn on/off the additional checkout buttons.

Show terms - shows checkbox to accept terms and conditions, before proceed to checkout.

Show payment icons - will show/hide the payment icons on the cart page.

Enable order message - will show/hide the cart page order note.

Wrap product - show checkbox for order wrapping option. Requires a non-sold out product, with only default variant (no product options). If there are multiple product variants, the first available variant will be added. The product should NOT be marked as physical product and should NOT have inventory tracking enabled.

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