Color styles

One of the main styling benefits of Marble is the fact that you receive 3 predefined styles which can be edited and can be switched and used for each of the sections.

These 3 styles are managed through the Theme Settings and they are defined as 3 separate color styling sections:

They're called:

  • Main

  • Alternative

  • Accent

They can be used for any section and can be switched in the sections' settings through a dropdown called Style:

Having these three styles allows you to have a more appealing look of your theme where you can have up to 3 different styles of the sections.

Color settings

Each of the color styles have the same list of settings that can be changed. By default they're set according to the theme style you picked.

Through the settings of a certain style you can change all of the style colors like:

  • background color

  • headings

  • paragraphs

  • links

  • buttons

  • etc

Styles examples and default settings

Here are a couple of examples with changed style of the same section.




As it's shown above - by just changing the style setting of the section, the different style colors are applied. This way you can easily achieve a richer look of your theme.

The default settings of these three styles are set by our designers and are made with the whole design in mind.

Not needing 2nd and 3rd styles?

No worries. You can just skip using these styles by just using the Main style for all sections.

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