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The settings here are applicable to the product page and product cards seen on:
  • homepage collection and products sections
  • collection page
  • product page related/recommended products
  • etc.

Filter images

This settings allows you to show different sets of images per color INSTEAD of showing all images at once. Here is an example with a product having purple and green images.
Then, once the green is enabled - it will hide all purple images and will show the green ones:
To use this feature you firstly need to enable the Filter images setting. Then, you need to add some specific alt attributes to the product images. The format must follow the following pattern: SEO Text|{option_name}:{option_value}. For example: Great T-Shirt - Front|color:Grey.
Here a short video showing how this can be done in the admin area:

Product badges

Disable badges - this setting allows you to turn on/off the badges
Disable sale badge - this setting allows you to turn on/off the Sale badge only
Border radius - adjusting this will make the badges with rounded corners.
NEW badge days - the New badge is automatic and will be shown if the product was added within the number of days put in this field.
Custom product badges - more details here.

Product cards

Round corners - will make the product images with rounded corners
Swap image on hover - if enabled, on hover we'll show the second product image
Media size - with this option you can define the product cards' size. The options are: original (showing the image with its original size/ratio), landscape, square, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4. This way you can easily change the product cards ratio based on your photos.
Crop image to media size - defines if you prefer the image to be cropped or shown in full when image's ratio is different from the chosen Media size.
Image alignment - in case the image is cropped you can pick which part of the image to be in priority.

Quick view

There are options for turning this on and off separately on desktop and mobile.
For desktop you can choose the button type:
  • Text button - big button shown over the product
  • Icon button - small eye icon shon in the bottom right corner on hover