The footer is mainly based on footer settings and repeatable blocks for some of the content inside.

The footer settings are:

  • style selector

  • fullwidth (checkbox for enabling)

  • checkbox for payment icons

  • fields for PNG/JPG or SVG logo

  • text under the logo

  • Enable accordion footer on mobile

  • Enable Follow on Shop link (more details)

Along with the basic settings there are 3 types of blocks that can be added by clicking on Add Block here:

The three types are: Menu, Textual and Newsletter.

With this block you can add columns with navigational links. The settings you have inside are: title, link for the title, field to choose the menu you want to print.

If you need to add 2 columns of links - just add the block twice and fill in the column title and pick the menus you want to show.


This block can be used for textual information like address, working hours, etc.


Within this block you can add details like title and text for the newsletter form.

Along with that, you can manage the localization and the languages through here as well.

Country/region selector

Here we have options for:

  • Enable country/region selector

  • Enable country name

  • Enable country flag

Language selector

There is setting for:

  • Enable language selector

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