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Shop the look

This section is usually used to present a specific look with a combination of more than one product. The section contains an image on the left side with dots that you can position and link to separate products. For example it could be a complete look with dress, shoes and bag and you can show them by putting points over the image.
The main settings in the section are the ones listed here with some additional ones listed below.


Here you can pick the image on which you'll pinpoint the products.

Swap image and content

With this option you can swap the position of the content and the products slider for example if you want to put the image on the right and the slider on the left side.

Text content and buttons

These are standard settings where you can fill in the textual content for the section like:
  • heading
  • subheading
  • body text
  • buttons

Product spots

To add a new spot you need to add a new block here:
Once the block is added you'll see a new dot shown over the main image. Then you can add the additional details like:
  • horizontal and vertical position (set in percentage)
  • select the product to associate with the hotspot and respectively show in the slider