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Collections list

This is a default Shopify page where all of your collections are listed. The page can be found here:
Within this page we prepared 2 sections.

Collection banner

Most of the settings here are inherited from this section: Banner. The purpose of the section is to add more stylish look to the page by adding an image and heading to the page.

List collections

This section automatically gets all your collections and list them on the page.
If the collection has a featured image - it will be automatically loaded. If there is no featured image, the theme will show the image of the first product within the collection.
The available settings for this section are:


More details can be found here: Styles.


With this option you can choose the section to take the full width of the page OR to be contained in the center of the screen.

Side margins

This will add spacings on the left and right sides. For example if you pick the fullwidth layout and you want some spacings on both sides - you can turn this setting on and the spacing will be added.

Cards - Media type

Here you can choose the ratio of the card items to be portrait or landscape. Portrait would be more suitable for clothing products, landscape could be more suitable for other types of products.

Card content layout

The available options are Below media and Media overlayed.
Below media:
Media overlayed: In this case the the content will be only shown on hovering over the item:

Card - Enable background

This option only applies when the content layout is picked to be media overlayed. What the setting does is adding a transparent overlay behind the text so the text can be more readable:

Grid Settings

The available settings are for:
  • cards per row on Desktop
  • cards per row on Mobile
  • cards per page