Products grid

The main purpose of this section is providing the ability to show product grids even outside of the collection templates.
The main settings in the section are the ones listed here with some additional ones listed below.


  • Subheading
  • Heading
  • Button settings - shown at the bottom of the grid section


The following settings will affect the layout size and spacings:
  • Fullwidth -- will make the grid full width taking the whole screen
  • Side margins -- will add spacing on both sides of your screen
  • Side margins - Mobile -- will add spacing on both sides on mobile devices only

Products per row

Products per row (desktop and mobile) will change the number of items you'll see per row. You can for example show 4 products per row on desktop, and 1 or 2 on mobile.

Collection and products number

Here you can pick from which collection to load products and how many to be shown.