Collage grid

The purpose of this section is to provide the merchants with the ability to create different beautify layouts to present products, collections, promotions or anything else that needs highlighting.

Example preview:

With this section you can achieve various template organizations like the above preview or more simple/complex layouts like: 2x2, 4x1, 4x4, or anything else you find appropriate.

Section settings

The section settings are as follows:

  • Fullwidth - setting for making the section full width

  • Side margins - adding small spacings on both sides

  • Space between blocks - adding small spaces between the blocks

  • Slider on mobile - turning the section into a slider on mobile

  • Row height on Desktop/Mobile - this defines the amount of pixels a single row should take for both desktop and mobile

  • Background colors


Every item in the section is defined as a block. Every single block has a lot of useful settings like:

  • Show on - choosing to be shown on both desktop and mobile, or just Desktop, or just Mobile

  • Block size - defined in columns and rows

  • Media image/video

  • Overlay settings

  • Content fields for link, headings, body, etc

  • Content settings for position, colors, sizes, etc.

  • Button settings

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